日記 / diary / 2021



日記 / diary / 2021

9月-September 2021


I decided that if I was going to drink coffee, it should be good coffee, so I decided to go to Coffee Bean Specialty Store and have the beans ground. The price was higher than the ones in the supermarket. My expectations were high that the coffee would be fragrant and delicious. However, I am a person who puts a lot of sugar and milk in my coffee. I am a person who drinks coffee in a way that completely ruins the bitterness, aroma, and other good qualities of coffee. As a result, I could not feel any substantial difference. However, I did feel a sense of mental satisfaction that I was using good coffee beans. Well, I guess you could call this self-direction. It’s not a bad feeling.



As you all know, “having too much time on your hands” is a word that expresses the inability to make good use of one’s time. In other words, it is a state of being tossed about by time. In short, it is a derogatory term for laziness, where only time passes in a daze.
When we are not able to handle time well, our instincts tend to become stronger. In other words, greed rises to the surface. In particular, the desires that are directly connected to instincts are sexual desire, appetite, and desire for sleep. It is the “appetite” of these that I would like to deal with in this article.
We instinctively try to fill up the time we have with our “appetite”. When we satisfy our cravings in this way, we feel fulfilled. Therefore, it is said that the cause of weight gain is “overeating” or “lack of exercise,” but the root cause is “having too much time on one’s hands.
Have you ever been so absorbed in something that you lost track of time? Have you ever forgotten to eat? Well, I have. What I mean by that is that the thing you are absorbed in at the time has already taken over your “desire” and there is no room for your “appetite” to enter. One such example is when you are so absorbed in a game that you don’t even have time to eat.
Therefore, while it is good to be careful about overeating and lack of exercise as a way to lose weight, I think it is also effective to think about how to use your time. Finding something that you can get absorbed in can be a very effective remedy. I have a tendency to lose weight when I am absorbed in writing, and gain weight when I am not writing at all. I’m gaining weight now, lol.



I often see products with the phrase “based on human engineering”. Recently, I’ve seen it when buying a chair or earphones. However, I would like to ask the opposite question. Is there any artificial product that is used by humans that is not based on human engineering?
Even a simple chair has the shape of a chair, so it must take into account the shape of the human body. If it is called a “chair” but you can’t sit on it, it can’t be called a “chair. If a chair is uncomfortable to sit on, it must be designed based on human engineering. It’s not a matter of advertising, it’s a matter of course.
So why bother with the catchphrase “based on human body engineering”? if they want to give the image of “the highest modern precision calculations”. It somehow gives the impression that the creator has the best information of modern science and has used it to make the product. If this is the case, then it would be better to say so clearly, but there are circumstances that prevent me from saying so. The reason for this is that if the product is made with the highest level of science and technology, it will not be affordable for the average person. This is why they use the term “let the buyer imagine it on his own”. Even if they receive a complaint, they can just say, “We never said that.
In fact, my feeling is that there is no drastic difference between products that clearly state that they are “based on human body engineering” and those that do not, if they are in a similar price range. Good or bad is just a matter of compatibility.
『人体工学に基づいて』という売り文句の商品をよく見かける。最近では椅子を買うときやイヤホンを買うときに見かけた。しかしながら、僕は逆に問いたい。そもそも人間が使う人工物で、人体工学に基づいていない物なんてあるのだろうか? と。



To have a “theme” for any matter is to limit its scope.
It is said that “theme” is important in a story. In fact, “I don’t understand the theme of this work” is a negative evaluation of the work. That is how important the theme is. However, for me, the lack of a theme is just a matter of not limiting the scope of the work, and I don’t feel that it determines whether a story is good or bad. I feel that there are many successful writers who write without thinking of a theme. Some of them say that the theme is just something that readers add to the story later. However, the writer himself or herself is writing with the expectation that the readers will think of this as a theme. If the reader feels that the author wanted to say this and is satisfied with it, the work is a success. In short, whether the theme is important or not depends on each person. For the type of author who needs it to drive the production, it is necessary, and for those who don’t, it is just a hindrance.
If you ask me why “theme” is so important, it is because it is easier for users to understand if the theme is clear. It can be said that the ease of understanding is a criterion of good or bad for many users. From a writer’s point of view, setting a theme is a kindness to the user.



What is “typical”?
For example, when we evaluate the results of Tanaka-kun’s actions by saying, “That’s really typical of Tanaka-kun,” how do we view the situation?
When someone achieves a perfect result, we don’t tend to evaluate it in a “who-is-it” way. I think it’s more often used when someone is a bit ditzy or stupid. It is not a derogatory word because it is rarely used for failures. Conversely, it is not used for perfect results. Then, in what kind of cases is it often used, “when the result is good but not perfect. For example, it would have taken only a few minutes to get to Osaka on the Kintetsu line, but because I took the JR train, it took over an hour. When I asked him about it, he said he hadn’t thought of it that way. It’s times like this that I laugh and say, “Oh, that’s just like Akino. He had already achieved his goal of going to Osaka, but the way to get there was not the usual way. From this, it seems that the phrase “someone’s character” is used when the result itself is not bad, but the path is a little different.
Compared to yesterday’s “selfishness,” the evaluation of “someone’s character” is based on a different point of view.
“In fact, the value standard of “being lenient to oneself and strict to others” may actually be “character.



What is selfishness?
When we think back on our actions later, we evaluate whether they were true to ourselves or not. Most of the time, if the result was good, it was “I was myself,” and if the result was inconvenient, it was “I was not myself. When you are lamenting about something that didn’t go well, it is unlikely that you will be proud of the evaluation that “it was brilliantly you. In other words, it seems to me that “being myself” is just a matter of saying, “I did a good job.
However, in my case, being lazy at heart is my “selfishness,” so when things end in failure, that’s when I say, “It was my selfishness.” “It would have been better if I hadn’t shown my true self.” This is the opposite of the general perception that being yourself is a good thing. I wonder what the cause of this is, in essence, in how we evaluate ourselves.
People who can be proud of themselves when they achieve good results have a “good” self-evaluation. It is also interesting to observe people with such a scale. By no means should we point out to people who are proud of their “selfishness” that their self-evaluation is “too high! or something similar. If you are praising yourself for giving a good evaluation, you will be disappointed.
If you use “character” to evaluate the behavior of someone other than yourself, another interpretation will occur. More on that tomorrow.



Everyone has a need for approval. It is not uncommon for people to create a black history by repeatedly and ineffectually promoting themselves. However, it is too short-sighted to assume that the desire for approval is a bad thing.
In the first place, why do so many people have the need for approval? It’s because it’s a necessary part of life. There are many people who have accomplished great things and made great contributions to society because of the need for approval.
Why is it that some people build up a black history and others build up tremendous success?
I think it depends on whether or not they have set their sights on the right place and the right people to be recognized.
Even if you are ridiculed or belittled, you can protect your mind by preparing yourself to think that it doesn’t matter as long as it is not the person you want to be recognized by. For example, if you are being complained about by a user you don’t care about, you won’t have to argue with him or her if you don’t want to be recognized by him or her.
Also, if the person you want to be recognized makes fun of you or belittles you, it means that you are not good enough yet, and you should be able to make an effort to be recognized.
Do you understand, self?
I often admonish myself for being so passionate about being despised by unimportant people.
By the way, recognizing yourself is also one of the needs for approval, and if you can handle it well, you may be able to think that the approval from others is trivial.



It’s hard to know the limits of your abilities. However, if you try everything, you will run out of time and money. That’s why we usually assume in advance whether something is possible or impossible. If you think you can complete the mission with 50% of your effort, it means it seems easy to some extent, and if you think you can complete it with 100% of your effort, it means you can assume that you will be able to complete it.
If you think you can do it if you can push yourself beyond your limits, then you think it’s possible. In other words, it’s probably an extension of your past experience.
On the other hand, if the mission seems to require a number of times your own strength, then it is probably impossible. Is it right to give up or turn down such a task as soon as possible, or is it right to challenge such seemingly impossible things? I’m a person who thinks the former way, so I give up very quickly. I don’t care if I’m accused of giving up before I even try. The fact that I am challenging something, even though I am such a quick quitter, means that I feel there is no small amount of potential in it.



The movie of Nahoko Uehashi’s original story “The King of the Deer” has started to be released. I haven’t seen the movie yet, but the fact that it has started to be released has me excited. What a luxury to be able to see that great movie on film. I’d like to say that I’m going to see it right away, but I prefer to see it in a relaxed space, so I try to go later in the release schedule. I’m not a big fan of crowds. I can’t wait to see it.



If I had to describe my life in one sentence, it would be, “My life has been at the mercy of sleep. I can’t sleep when I want to, and I get sleepy when I shouldn’t. If I don’t sleep well, I get sick and things don’t go well. Even when things do go well, there are many times when I feel that I could have completed things more easily if I had been able to sleep properly.
So I try to “adjust my sleep” so that I can sleep somehow, but no matter what I do, it doesn’t work.
Recently, I’ve come to think that no matter what I do, it won’t work when I’m conscious that I have to adjust my sleep. I’ve given up on sleep.
A day is not 24 hours. I’m going to go to work without sleeping.
When it thinks, the more I think about it, the more sleepy I get.
I really wish it would stop.



There are a number of things that are important when working at a desk. One of them is a chair. I heard that the only thing that Hiroshi Mori invested in when he became a writer was a chair. Hiroshi Mori had never written a novel in his life. He thought he needed a chair. The only real investment he made was a chair, since he used a computer and other things he already had. He could have used a chair that was already there, but he bought a new one. Since then, Hiroshi Mori has created many masterpieces. This episode shows the importance of chairs.
I took advantage of this story and decided to buy a new chair. “I decided to buy a new chair, conveniently taking advantage of the fact that I was not able to work well at my desk because of the chair. I’ve been complaining about the chair and have replaced it many times. I have to blame the chair even more because I can’t get my work done even after buying another chair. To tell you the truth, I don’t want to blame the chair anymore. But I always end up skipping my desk work by watching videos or eating snacks. Every time I do that, I feel disappointed that the chair is not right for me again.
I hope the next chair that arrives will be the best fit for my body.



In the past, the only way to preserve fresh raw meat was to use a shrine in the snowy mountains. The king would have to travel a long way to this place to eat the meat. It was a huge burden for the villagers to entertain the king. So the villagers wondered if there was a way to send the raw meat to the king while keeping it fresh, and prayed to the gods.
This wish reached the gods.
This is how ”Cool Takkyubin” was born.
As a result, we can also get fresh meat through online shopping.



When I try to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, the hallway is dark, as it should be. I fantasize about what I should do if a robber is lurking in the depths of the darkness.
I felt something unsettling in the depths of the darkness, and a chill ran through my body. The burglars, on the other hand, would probably be hiding under their breath, trying to figure out how to attack the suddenly awakened residents. It was a situation of mutual vigilance.
At this point, many residents may reflexively turn on their lights. This is because they want to see clearly whether the robber is really a robber, a roommate, or no one here. They may do so out of defensive instinct. However, doing so would make the robbers see our situation. If I show a look of fear, it will give the him calm.
This is why I resist the urge to check it out with my eyes. Of course, I know what is in the space even when I am meditating. It is only in the dark that I can make the most of the advantageous position.
With this fantasy in mind, I headed for the bathroom without turning on the light in the hallway. At this point, another concern arises, and I feel like I’m about to pee. What if it’s not a robber but a ghost? If it was a ghost, it would probably be better to turn on the light. I don’t know if anyone has confirmed that ghosts are sensitive to light, but I have a feeling that ghosts are weaker under light.
Toilets at night can be a challenge.



I saw a news report that the production of new banknotes has started. The new banknotes are scheduled to be in use in early 2024. The old bills can still be used, but It will slowly become a rarity.
For example, the 2,000 yen bill is still in existence, but we never see it. It would take some courage to actually use it. I heard that even older 500 yen bills can still be used as 500 yen bills, but the clerks would probably be annoyed if they were suddenly offered such a thing. The vending machines would not even take them.
At the end of the day, the current mainstream bills and coins are the ones that will be most optimized for use (You can learn more about money in the famous book “Spice with Wolves”). Therefore, We would like to exchange our money for new banknotes whenever We can. This would be quite troublesome for those who have huge wardrobe savings. It is hard to believe that you can suddenly take 10,000 10,000 yen bills to the bank and they will exchange them right away. It is also risky to carry such a large amount of money with you. So, do we exchange them little by little? That would be a hassle.
As I was thinking about the new currency, I became pessimistic, thinking that I was in trouble.
Because I don’t have 10,000 10,000 yen bills in my house. I was really in trouble. trouble. trouble.



I upgraded the display of my main computer from a 24″ NA panel to a 27″ IPS panel. It is frameless and looks stylish. The picture quality is also very good. I’m satisfied so far, but it turns out that the screen is too big for my usage environment. My neck started to hurt immediately. Nevertheless, I was relieved as a result because I was not sure whether to buy the 31.5 inch or the 31.5 inch. Here I learned another great lesson. There are many famous muscle training exercises such as push-ups, sit-ups, sit-ups, squats, etc. But We don’t know anything about neck muscle training. Wasn’t it said that the head is the heaviest part of the human body? I had been wondering how modern people support their heavy heads. Everyone was playing video games for hours every day to train their neck muscles. It wasn’t that they wanted to play games. Gaming was a byproduct of neck training, and they were just playing out of necessity. The game distributors and the viewers watching them were all just training their neck muscles. This is how they prevent their necks from rolling off their bodies. Everyone is doing their best.
By the way, I don’t play games. I used to play a lot, but I intentionally avoid playing games because I get so addicted to them that I can’t stop playing. If I hadn’t, my head would have rolled on the ground.
I can say that the people around me did not have to experience the horror of my head’s rolling on ground thanks to the larger display.



When I was watching YouTube, I found one that featured Twitter posts by viewers. It was a project to introduce the room of the contributor. On the wall of the person’s room, there was a saying that he had made himself.
“A moment of appetite, a lifetime of fat.
I was shocked, as if I had been hit on the head with a large marshmallow. And I thought, “This contributor is a genius!
At the same time, I thought of something else.
Even for such a genius, appetite is an amazing thing that is hard to suppress.
In other words, “appetite” is the equivalent of the last boss in an RPG. If I say this, you may argue, “No, sexual desire is the last boss!”
Well, let’s go with a compromise plan.
First of all, it is “sexual desire” that is the big boss. The “appetite” is the middle boss, its close associate. The brave hero easily defeats the mid-boss “Appetite” and moves on to the “sexual desire”. Then the final battle to the death begins. The hero himself swung the legendary stick around, thinking that this was the last enemy. However, as the battle reaches its climax and the “sexual desire” begins to diminish, the middle boss “Appetite” appears. And “Appetite” says in a loud voice, “Thanks for weakening sexual desire, hero. Now I can take in the Sexual desire. And then Sexual desire says to Appetite “You think you can get away with this for free?” It is the usual throwaway line.
The “appetite” takes in the “sexual desire”
Then the real boss, “True Appetite,” will stand in front of the hero.
It’s almost autumn. True Appetite is coming.



If an old man says, “Nyan Nyan Nyan Nyan,” with all his charm, he will be regarded as creepy. If a woman says this, she will be regarded as cute. Therefore, we can say that cats remind us of femininity. So what about “wan wan wan”? It is true that dogs evoke a boyish masculinity in some ways. So, if a bald-headed creepy old man says “Wyan Wyan Wyan Wyan” in a catnip voice with full of mockery, will he be praised as cute? I woke up thinking in my sleepy head, “So what!” Good morning Wonder World.
『だからどうした!』ということを思い浮かべながら目が覚めました。おはようございますWonder World。



“Never forget your first mind” is a very good reminder. However, there is a problem with this wonderful warning. For example, let’s say you have a “first mind you had in the past”. But you forgot about that first mind, and now you realize that you are living a life of indulgence. And then, “This can’t be it!” And you renew your determination. From now on, this point will be your “first mind”. Through this repetition, you will eventually accumulate so many “first minds” that you won’t even know which one was your first mind. At this point, you need to calm down and think once again. The first thought you have is your first mind, and you discard the other first minds.
In my case, it goes like this. “Ogya-ogya! (*)”
Translation: “I’m hungry, so I’ll eat as much as I want.” and “I’m sleepy, so I’ll sleep as much as I want”.
In this way, I am now able to take pride in the fact that I have successfully fulfilled my “original intention”.



I have a delusion that it would be nice to be able to break down any object into molecules with no energy. No spell is needed, just hold your palm up to the object and make a “ha ha ha” gesture, and the object will instantly return to the micro level. It’s not necessary to say that you’re using energy for the gesture.
The point is, in another room of my house, I’m facing a serious problem with a large piece of garbage. I wish I was imagining this, but it’s true. The only thing I can do with my body, which naturally does not have the ability to break down molecules, is to give it to a recycling store or take it to the city garbage disposal. I wish I had the supernatural ability to transfer objects,” I thought, adding to my delusion”.

copywrited by Akino Mitsuki